The World Health Organization is part of the United Nations. Its duties are technical and advisory support, the setting of normative standards and the assessment of trends in the health sector. It collects data on national governments based on their respective health reports, as well as further information published by governments or ministries. The WHO estimates missing data, when possible. Expenditures on health comprise, for instance, wages for medical staff and materials.


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Data tables

For some select map layers, the information portal ‘War and Peace’ provides the user with all used data sets as tables.

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Magnifying Glass in front of a Boston map

Country portraits

In the country reports, data and information are collected by country and put into tables that are used in the modules as a basis for maps and illustrations.

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Navigation and operation

The information and data of each module are primarily made available as selectable map layers and are complemented by texts and graphs. The map layers can be found on the right hand side and are listed according to themes and sub-themes.

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